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Professional Fortune Telling at Your Event!

Background and Experience

Introduced to the tarot and magick at a very young age by her Aunt, Allie has always been interested in all things witchy and esoteric. As an adult, she has been a student of tarot and magick for 10+ years with numerous classes, workshops, and mentorships under her belt. She also teaches tarot workshops for individuals, non-profits, and festivals. Allie has been a volunteer priestess and co-facilitator of the Pagan Group in the Chapel Services at Coffee Creek Women’s Correctional Facility in Wilsonville, OR for 8 years, guiding and instructing Earth-based magickal spirituality practices (including tarot and divination) to the population there. She is currently working on her Master's of Divining at Starr King School for the Ministry.

Allie resides in Portland, OR and loves dancing, lavender, traveling, and creating art!

Allie T. provides radiatingly resonant readings and fantastically fun fortune telling! A storyteller at heart, her tarot card and palmistry readings are fun, validating, and uplifting. Sit with her for a spell and be whisked away into connection with the divine! Her electric style and energy captivates guests with concise clarity and empowering empathy. Each divination is unique and driven by the guest’s desire, from a lighthearted skim on the surface to deeper dives into difficult decisions. Allie’s relatable readings give power to the querent, and provide insight from perspectives previously unseen.

An experienced professional events fortune teller, Allie maximizes the quantity and quality of readings at your event to allow for the highest number of guests possible to enjoy a reading experience.  

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